How to completely hide origin server IP

Hi, I would like to hide my origin server’s IP. On spectrum when I run the dig command it seems to return back with a fake IP. The problem is when I use the Cloudflared tunnel I see my real public IP. How can I hide my real IP?

Side note: Does dig cache outputs? I used the same subdomain changing from Cloudflared tunnel to Spectrum and after I went to Cloudflared and back to Spectrum it still showed the real IP. I tried a new subdomain and it doesn’t show the real IP.

I just thought I should mention that I have enabled the Cloudflare proxy (orange cloud :orange: ).

What comes to my mind is, by never exposing it to the public → don’t connect the device to the Internet at all :thinking:

Unfortunately, there are online service which could track down the IP history and changes even since before it was assigned to you (maybe some other earlier client had it and so on).

Using proxy services could help.

Regarding Cloudflare, if the DNS hostname is proxied :orange: this already helps a bit, a least.

Regarding the Cloudflare Spectrum, depending which kind of type of service you’re using, it might still expose the IP in the headers as like if it’s an MTA service (email).

Therefore, using Cloudflare you can restrict access, block requests/connections and protect your origin IP from the bad guys, that’s for sure.

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That would be ideal, but for some use cases I want to make services public but I’m hesitating when the server that will host most of these services will be my server which has the same network as me therefore sharing my IP.

I could setup a load balancer with virtual IPs etc and use it with Cloudflare. Could that work?

Sorry, could you elaborate more on that? Do you mean that the IP will still be exposed but when someone tries to DDoS / find my address etc does Cloudflare try to prevent that? What I’m really after is privacy and security.


Just a quick note, I think that the IP is being is being properly hidden, two of the IPs that show were very similar to my public IP so I thought it was my real IP, but after further inspection they are Cloudflare’s IPs.
So, I think it’s being hidden.

Note: sorry for making so many replies, I don’t seem to have permissions to edit my post :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


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