How to completely disable DDoS protection

I’ve a free account on Cloudflare and I need to set a rule or to find the proper setting to avoid the page “checking your browser before accessing…”.

For now, I’ve tried setting the rule “Disable-Security” on my domain (e.g. ) but it still appears.

I’ve also tried changed under Security => DDOS the “ruleset action” to “default” and “ruleset sensibility” to “Essentially Off” because with the free account I cannot set “Off”.

What else can I try to avoid to see the Cloudflare’s page? I’ve done a couple of tests changing different countries from my VPN provider and using incognito mode, but it still appear when I try to load the page from some countries (Norway for example).

Unfortunately I cannot access the logs to check the “Ray ID” because I’ve a free Cloudflare account.
2022-05-20 14_55_02-Media viewer

You don’t unless you are part of the enterprise program.

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