How to clear/purge Cloudflare Public DNS cache?

I’m using Cloudflare’s Public DNS ( and whenever I change/update my dns records, it doesn’t take effect immediately (expected). So I was wondering, is there any way to clear the DNS Cache, just like OpenDNS or Google Public DNS; or is it not supported yet?


This is not supported. Not that I am aware of.

Maybe @cs-cf can add this to the list of feature requests. :wink:

You shouldn’t rely on DNS cache purges for changes though. There are infinite cached that are out of your control, you won’t be able to clear those. You should wait for the TTL to expire or lower it.


It’s on the list. :wink: Not quite done yet.


I’m wondering, is it possible to flush on a domain name / zone entry with DNS?

This feature exists in both OpenDNS and Google’s Public DNS, and it occasionally comes real handy - for instance, while still serves the malicious DNS entry for a site I use (this has been fixed about 2-3 hours ago), Google and OpenDNS have been flushed and resolve the domain correctly.

Has this feature been left out for a good reason, or is it just not implemented yet?

Your answer is here @hegyi.mokka :wink:


Can you share a status update on this feature?

I’m also interested in an update on this feature request. Google Public DNS has a similar feature which is extremely useful:

We are actively working on it!


Hi @zbloomq! Purge Cache is now live!

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