How to clear HIT Cache?

please have a look at the above screen shot. I have a WordPress site hosted Bluehost which is using Cloudflare. currently it is loading a few files from the cache which i have already deleted from my local and cloud flare cache. but somehow these files are still loading and as you can see it HIT cache. because fo this my site is breaking. can some one please help how to permanently remove these files from cache. Thank you.

the below is an example file loading from cache(Which i dont want to load)

No Matter how many times i cleear browser cache or cloudflare cache .its still coming

Basically you can go to cache tab, choose purge everything or customer purge based on needs

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You mean you already use Purge Everything button like what @afiq mentioned?

As you mention you have specific file you don’t want to load from cache, may exclude that via page rules

I already tried that. purge everything still it coming

yes i did - done like 10 times.

This URL looks like you are using Autoptimize WordPress plugin. Try to uninstall that plugin?

yes i deleted it . and i manually removed cache files from cpanel also. to my suprise everytime that file gets called and returns 404 error

I have two hotspots with two ISPS . one of them working perfectly fine the other is having this issue.

if I use ?nocache after url its works in both of the hotspots like this (

the above screenshot is from (pingdom tools) where it is loading that cache file which i dont want.

That’s weird. Did you cache HTML files too?

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no, I don’t.

Could you perhaps screenshot your page rules (blurring the site name)?

i didn’t setup any page rules

Problem causes

  • Page Cache from plugin like W3 Total Cache. Try purging it.
  • Or, You may have browser cache rule for text/html type content. Try incognito.
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I am not using W3 Total Cache. I am using autoptimize. this whole issue causing due to autoptimize so I uninstalled and deleted it. i already deleted browser and re installed . cleared advanced cache also
still same issue.

You have a single domain in your account and it is in a pending state (not active on Cloudflare). Your nameservers are active on bluehost and wherever the site is being served from is managing your Cloudflare cache. You’ll need to talk to whoever is hosting your workdpress site through Cloudflare about how to clear it’s cache.

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Thanks for pointing that out. now I changed my name server and my site is active. I went to cache and purged everything. but I still see cached files loading. like below.



Note: I Cleared Browser Cache & Server Cache, Deleted this plugin long back and I didn’t have any page rules setup yet

Thanks After 12 Hours. Cache Got Cleared. It’s all working fine now Thank You.

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