How to clear Cache on Cloudflare?

Account Dash Ticket - New website design won’t show"

I updated my website design on wordpress. Some reason the new website design isn’t showing. I cleared the browser cache and even checked with my hosting server but it just shows the old website. Thoughts? I was told it was on cloudflare’s end that it is not showing.

May I ask have you changed something with styling your Website like CSS or JavaScript code (files), or rather added new content like new posts, etc.?

Furthermore, may I ask are you using Cloudflare APO for WordPress or not?

Nevertheless, may I ask have you tried using Purge Everything option from Cloudflare dashboard - > Caching - > Configuration → Purge Everything to clear all the cache (manually)?

Are you using some plugins for minification (HTML, CSS, JS) like Auto-Optimize or maybe for example builders like Elementor, etc. for your WordPress website?

Have not changed anything for CSS or Javascript code. I had a website designer update my website via migration but did not change any scripts.

I’ve tried purge everything on cloudflare.

The new thing is the Elementor builder the designer used. Could that be the issue? If so, any fixes?

Did you move the site, or did you just update the files?

If you post the domain name, we can take a closer look.

1 Like - is the domain

They created the site on their server and migrated it over. Basically replaced everything. When logged into wordpress, I can see the new website. When logged off or incognito, unable to see it.

i’ve tried Caching the page itself, the browser, CDN but nothing.

Migrated it over from where?

Is this not what it’s supposed to look like?

That’s the old one. Here is a screenshot of the new one. TBH, i’m not sure where it was migrated from.

That’s certainly different, and I’m not seeing anything that would indicate it’s stuck in any cache.

That’s a key piece of information we’d need to help. Can you find out? It’s possible they are a Cloudflare partner and your domain is already assigned to their Cloudflare account.

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