How to clear cache efficiently when publishing a post?

I have a problem on my wordpress site, I have several post publications during the day, but they are not being updated on the site.

I mean for non-logged in users.

For the administrator, these news appear on the homepage as the latest published news, but for those who access the site, they are normally seeing the old news.

I am currently doing the manual process of purging the cache so that the user can have the cache removed and view this news.

The problem is that if I clear the cache of each news item on the site every time in Cloudflare, this process becomes inefficient, first because there are several news items during the day and second that I will probably not be using the cache efficiently.

Is there an option, or configuration for Cloudflare to allow this automatic cache purge, only for certain pages that are more dynamic?

Thanks if anyone has an idea how to solve this I appreciate it.


If you are on the Pro Plan or higher, you can opt for APO (Automatic Platform Optimization) for WordPress, or else pay for it separately.

A free alternative would be to install the Cloudflare plugin and set the Automatic Cache Management. It should purge your Cloudflare cache for certain pages when you edit or delete pages/posts, or somehow change the appearance of the website.

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