How to Cleanly Disable CF & SG Integration


I’m currently working to troubleshoot some behavior problems with my site which seems to be linked with caching. The site is hosted on SiteGround and utilising SG Optimiser + Cloudflare integration, but I was experiencing some very odd behaviour and very slow up to hanging page loads until I disabled the SG Optimiser plugin. Now only CF remains active, but I still see some content getting 404 errors on page loads which I’m advised is cached content from a 3rd party source, therefore I wish to start with with a clean slate by removing the CF integration and starting from the begining.

Currently my setup is as follows:

DNS managed by 123reg. A records point to server IP, nameservers (previously pointing to SG NS, now configured to point to 123 NS). - This change negates the CF CNAME records existing in my SG DNS zone and in principle once propagated, I should be bypassing the CF service in due course and accessing the server directly.

At SG level, SG Optimiser plugin has been disabled/deleted from my instance, but the CF service is still enabled, as waiting for NS change above to propagate.

In order to cleanly remove/reset my CF integration and configuration what steps must I take?

  1. Disable the CF service form the SG host side.
  2. Reset or delete domain from my CF Dashboard?
  3. ?

thanks in advance.

  1. Disable all Cloudflare settings that have to do with SiteGround (I think you’ve done this)
  2. Change your name servers from 123reg to the ones SiteGround has assigned to you.
  3. Wait 48 hours for name server change to take effect.

Hello @sdayman,

thanks for the feedback.

Can you please explain the rationale behind your advice against No.2 above? Why SG NS’s if the DNS records are managed at 123reg?

In answer to No.1, not yet, when I did that, my site was not accessible publicly, so I had to re-enable and check DNS settings at my registrar end. Current configuration = SG Optimisier disabled/uninstalled, CF still enabled (but will be disabling this now to check if CF Proxy can now be bypassed).

Sorry, my three points weren’t meant to correspond with your three points. You wanted a clean slate, so pointing everything to SiteGround would be the way to do that. That puts it all under SiteGround’s control as you troubleshoot this.

Understood thank you. In my case its 123 reg, hence the confusion.

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