How to check which hosting company are they using?

For those site that masked their dns with cloudflare.
Is it possible to check which hosting company they are using ?
Or is it possible to contact cloudflare support to find out ?
Because the owner of the website is not replying my email, maybe refused to tell me.

Nobody will tell you. If there’s abusive behavior you should file an abuse report.

If you were scammed or there’s illegal activity, you should also contact your local authorities.

I know if it’s to file abuse behaviour we can contact cloudflare throught that link.
But is it not possible for cloudflare support to tell us the hosting company the website use ?

I read article before that cloudflare support provide IP address directly when someone wanna file dmca, or any abuse behaviour, but that guy use it to ddos the website and since then, cloudflare provide abuse form.

And here I am asking for the hosting company they are using, not their ip server address. Actually it’s very useful if we want to build site and see local website so fast and smooth, and if we know which company hosting they are using, we can compare it and get the best price with performance.
And I don’t think there’s any harm if we know which company hosting they are using though.

Sure it is. But how about privacy? If it would be that easy to get details of a webpage behind Cloudflare, nobody would need such services.

I doubt that they provide it to “random” people. I worked on some abuse reports forwarded to US by Cloudflare and was not able to get any IP address sent to my company mail even though i verified with screenshots from pur ticket system that this request is legit. Once I resent the request from a known abuse address i got all requested DNS records and with origin IPs within our ASN. Nothing more.

Elevated contacts couldn’t help either.

I don’t get this. You’re complaining about DDoS but want to know the hosting company

That’s somehow contradictory. :face_with_monocle::thinking:

Anyway. File that report If you’re a victim of them. Cloudflare will forward it to the IP owner afterwards and the host will probably take further action. Also in many countries denial of service attacks are prosecuted by law.

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I don’t know either, I read it from here

Pls don’t mix the whole answer, I purposely left enter space to show some break line there. The ddos I am refferring to is in the article I read. Not me complaining about the ddos, I am just talking about that article.

Of course it’s contradictory if you read all the answer as my intention. Hope you can re-read the answer again. :roll_eyes:

How is he mixing anything up? If you get denial of service attacks, how is that related to their hosting?

But as @MarkMeyer already elaborated, you won’t get any of that information. You need to file an abuse report, which Cloudflare will forward to the host if necessary.

I already know I won’t get any information, that’s why I don’t quote the first post.
I am just saying why u guys talking about ddos when I just want to know who is their hosting company ?
Since english is not my mother language, I don’t know if there’s miscommunication somewhere.

Well, you mentioned in

Anyhow, file the report as @MarkMeyer suggested and then you can take it from there.

You never referred to this article. However, there are probably still ways to get this information. There are some things in the linked article which could help to get this information but they are not 100% reliable.

Personal note
They know that DDoS is not legal so it’s no surprise to me that they don’t answer your request. Even if you just want to know the hosting company. You could use this information for a take down attempt.

Last one:

Don’t forget that they are using Cloudflare. The webhost could be slow like ■■■■ and they optimized their loading times and so on with Cloudflare’s services.

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