How to check website is added with cloud flare or not looking for information

Hi all
I hope you are all doing good.
I am working on a website and while loading this website redirect to http version. I am new to this filed and don’t have enough information about it. One of my friend told me to post here to get information about it. Can you tell me that how can I load my website in https version? And is it added to cloud flare or not?

In order to add the site to cloudflare, you need to login to which you have never done and select +Add a site. From there, change your nameservers at your registrar and you’ll be good to go.

I redacted the domain from your post as I don’t want to drive unwanted traffic there.

This is something your host should provide. That’s pretty much a minimum requirement of any hosting plan, as it need to be secure at the source.

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