How to check website file manager

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Someone Hosted My website but does not know how to login control pannel

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Cloudflare has no file manager - that will most likely be at your hosting provider, so I would recommend asking them.

But my website is hosted at cloudflare. I need to update my website

I can assure you with absolute certainty that your site is not hosted by Cloudflare. The Cloudflare products that can be construed as hosting do not have a file manager and require the skills of a software developer to use.

Cloudflare provides security and performance features by operating as a proxy in front of your server. This results in a Cloudflare proxy IP being returned when your DNS is queried. This can lead to confusion in those who do understand how Cloudflare works, causing them to mistakenly arrive at the conclusion that Cloudflare is the host.

If your web site management team doesn’t know where your site is hosted, you may want to seek out a more qualified replacement.

If you have access to the Cloudflare account that holds your DNS records, you should be able to identify the hosting provider by performing a whois lookup on one of the IPs found in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app.

Hi Thanks for reply. Someone developed this and hosted somewhere. But now that person does not connecting me to help. Any possibility to get to know where this hosted and how to retrieve the files.

You could always start by letting us know if you have

If you do, we can help you use the IPs in your Cloudflare dashboard to identify the hosting provider. Do you know if you have that access?

Really don’t know about it…I created a account today here after checking that my website hosting service provider details show’s cloudflare at a website portal

There is unlikely to be much you can do besides start over then.

You could share your domain name here to see if anyone can find anything helpful, such as an old IP in a DNS history site, but,even then, it sounds like it will not be in your hosting account with the provider, leaving you in the same position that you are now.

If you decide to build s new site, I reccomend keeping a record of where it is hosted. I also encourage implementing a site backup strategy to help keep yourself out of similar situations in the future.

This can be a lot for any business owner to keep track of and manage. I find it best to work with a trusted advisor, so you can both do what you do best.

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