How to check the following details in Cloudflare?

How to check the following details in Cloudflare ?

  1. how to check and confirm in which data center the CDN is fetching the data.
  2. how the compression of images are happening in the CDN with details .
  3. how to check the latency provided by Cloudflare for last 30 days

Here’s is the solution for your question

Can be viewed from Dr.Flare browser extension.

Cloudflare Web Analytics might be something you are looking for.

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Hi , We just want to check those information in the Cloudflare account . Is it possible to check ?

Dr.Flare extension is not work around

Hey ,

You have already this question as answered

Of course, you can subscribe to Enterprise plan and access raw logs, then parse the logs to get the result. But, Enterprise plan does not make sense for most people.

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