How to check if Zaraz is loading the scripts

Hi Support
What is the best way to check which scripts are loading via Zaraz, so we can ensure they are firing correctly.

Would love to get feedback on this


Hi @raramuridesign, what exactly do you mean by “which scripts are loading via Zaraz”. Zaraz doesn’t load other third-party scripts, unless you add them as custom HTML. So the best way to check what Zaraz does load (on the cloud) is to check the dashboard. You can also use debug mode if you need to examine specific triggers or events.

Hi Support
I have managed to use this for the debug mode, however I cannot see which script is firing what.

Although the debug helps with this I need to know if

  • script a or
  • script b
    is loading on a specific page.

Let me know if this makes sense thanks.

As a side note. In Google tag manager we can see which scripts are loading using the debug console. We do not have this option in zaras as it shows a hash id, and we have no idea which script makes use of this. Thoughts?


Thanks @raramuridesign, as explained, Zaraz does not load third-party scripts in the browser. It works differently from GTM, so, if I understand correctly, your question might just be irrelevant to how Zaraz works. You can read more about the architecture here:

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@yair-dovrat Thank you for that explanation, This is really great.
However I am still wanting to see how we can view which tags fire on which pages.
The critical part here is to understand if there is potentially an error.

We have added

  • google analytics
  • mautic tracking javascript

However I cannot see which one of these has sent a tracking event.
I guess how do identify which hash is which tool.

Does the above makes sense.

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