How to check if my domain is in cloudflare business plan?

How to check if my domain is in Cloudflare business plan?

The Overview page for your domain at would show it in the right column under Plan Extensions.

I moved my domain to an agency and i have no access to it , how to check my domain if its under business plan?

sdayman via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]> 于2022年2月6日周日 02:48写道:

It sounds like you’ll have to ask that agency, as they now control your Cloudflare account.

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how do they prove that its under business plan?

Honestly… if you can’t trust an agency to serve you the plan you signed up for, why deal with them?

There is no definitive way for you to check that yourself; you could ask them to enable railgun or bypass cache on the specific cookie but :man_shrugging:


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