How to check if IP has change in CF?


I am migrating a site from kinsta to siteground. I had a CNAME record setup pointing to kinsta which I deleted. For siteground I have set up 2 x A records for @ and www then added the IP from siteground.

I did this over 48 hours ago and it seems the site is still not across because I have a file /siteground.html setup and it’s not showing still.

I have run diagnostics and 2 things come up:

Check DS record configuration

Check DNSSEC configuration

Everything else is “looks good”.

How can I trouble shoot this to know if it has actually moved and I am chasing nothing or why it still hasn’t.

Thanks in advance.

Did you use Kinsta’s Cloudflare integration when you were with them? I think they use Cloudflare for SaaS and their configuration may still be affecting your site. Please contact them and ask them to remove any Cloudflare configurations for your domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames.

Thank you. It ended up being the SSL settings had to be different for SG. There was no way of knowing this, it was solved by changing settings and see what worked.

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