How to check if connected to websites over DoH


Apologies for the repeat question. I’m still confounded (despite poring over similar topics on this forum) when it comes to confirming if I am indeed connected to Cloudflare or any other site for that matter, over DoH. The says I’m not. Can someone knowledgeable shed some light in layman’s terms.

Thank you

You probably have a different DoH set in your browser. Browsers can have their individual configuration.

Chrome: Go to chrome://settings/security?search=dns and make sure it says “With your current service provider” or with Cloudflare.

Firefox: Go to about:preferences and search for DNS, click Settings and make sure you have “Enable DNS over HTTPS” disabled or enabled using and Cloudflare selected.

Thanks for the reply.

My browser settings are correct as far as I have checked. Please see the screenshot.

Anyone else knows what might be the issue.

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