How to check if Cloudflare is blocked in my country or not?

I don’t know if you are aware or not, but there are some reports that the government of Iran is actively blocking Cloudflare IP Adresses in some regions of Iran. For instance you can have a look here on Github:


So, as a counter-measure I wanted to develop an app to check if Cloudflare IP Addresses, are blocked or not, something simple not a big project like OONI

And here is my problem. When I want to check the IPs in a specific subnet, for examlpe:

Some of them are already not pingable (or reachable), like:

So, how I can check Cloudflare availability in a specific network?

How are you testing? Pinging them wouldn’t be a good test as the blocks can often just be traffic to them over 80/443 is blacklisted rather than ICMP.

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My problem is the not all subnet is reachable via ICMP Pinging.

I pinged them using this command:

$ fping -gn

Which is accessible here:

Yes, and like I said, there was never a guarantee they’ll be listening for ICMP traffic or responding to it.

The IPs on the /ips/ page are mostly for outgoing traffic to origins, not always for inbound traffic.

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