How to check if cloudflare cdn is storing css, js files of my website for improving speed

I am new to cloudflare and would like to know if my css, js, html files are stored in CDN ? If so where to check which files are stored?

Thanks in Advance

Cloudflare is not a CDN in that sense. Cloudflare will only cache your files for a while, which you can verify by checking for a CF-Cache-Status header with HIT in the response headers.

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Thank you for your response.
As guided I checked the some of the files but the CFS_Status was MISS.
Could you please help me on how to cache some .css and .js files in Cloudflare.


When you say Cloudflare will only cache for a while, what factor determines the time? And how to manage it?

Please check out as all these questions are actually covered there.

Your files are being cached, however it always requires at least one request for them to be cached subsequently.

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