How to change user name in "zone deleted" emails

When I delete a zone (a site), the account owner receives this email:

The zone: “” in account: “[email protected]’s Account” was deleted by Francesco OldCompany on 2021-02-11T16:37:32.899936Z.

OldCompany comes from when I created the CloudFlare account many years ago, I had email [email protected], which I now changed to [email protected], but it seems to be no way to change this username, not in my profile ( nor in the account settings ( is already changed)

Ciao Francesco!

Hope these lines find you well.

Could you please raise a support ticket as detailed in Contacting Cloudflare Support – Cloudflare Help Center and direct message me your ticket number once you have it?


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May I ask, but isn’t that related to the “display name” under the Cloudflare → Account Home → Configurations → Preferences → Account Name, rather than the username itself?

Or it is related to an email which no longer exists or is not active due to some changes at domains, while it was, or it still is used to log-in to Cloudflare?

If you can log-in, you can either change the “display name” for your account and even your e-mail address.