How to change the IPS TAG from "CLOUDFLARE" to "IONOS"

I’m a beginner just trying to get my website set up. I’ve created the website via Ionos, though purchased domain (i think) via Cloudflare.

I am trying to transfer my domain from Cloudlfare to Ionos. I requested transfer via Ionis and they have sent me the following:

*Please contact your current Domain Registrar and ask them to change the IPS TAG from "**CLOUDFLARE** " to **"IONOS** ". We cannot proceed with the move until this step has been completed.*

Any support to get my website up and running would be appreciated.

There are instructions here:

  • Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard and select your account.
  • Go to Domain Registration > Manage Domains.
  • Find the domain you want to transfer, and select Manage.
  • Select Configuration > Unlock.
  • Enter the IPS tag of the registrar you wish to transfer to.

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