How to change the IP address of the private nameservers in cloudflare?

How to change the IP address of the private nameservers in cloudflare? We have registered nameservers ns1 and ns2 but we are unable to change its IPs after transfering the domain to cloudflare

I’m not sure what you mean by “private nameservers”.

Are you referring to the vanity nameservers as here?

If so, the IP addresses are allocated (pointing to Cloudflare’s DNS infrastructure).

Or are you trying to delegate nameservers for subdomains? If so, can you show your DNS records and give the subdomain you are trying to delegate.

Or are you trying to change the nameservers allocated by Cloudflare to non-Cloudflare ones? In which case, for a domain registered with Cloudflare, you can’t.

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Hi @sjr,

Thank you for your response.
By “private nameservers” I mean creating my own nameservers on the purchased domain. Generally hosting providers give this nameservers to the hosted websites.

Please find below the screenshot of this feature on enom.

Before transferring our domain to cloudflare we were able to register and update our nameservers ( and ns2.sitecanyon) to point to a given IP. This feature is provided by the domain registrars.

How can we achieve this in cloudflare as our domain registrar is cloudflare?

Thank you

You can’t (for the domain). Use of Cloudflare requires the use of Cloudflare nameservers.

In most cases you just add DNS records to your Cloudflare DNS here…

or you can delegate nameservers for subdomains.

If you need to change nameservers, you will need to transfer your domain away from Cloudflare.

[add later] I may still not be clear what you are wanting to do as setting the IP address of ns1 and ns2 would be as simple as adding them to your Cloudflare DNS as A records (in some cases this has required glue to be set by Cloudflare, although it shouldn’t if these aren’t vanity nameservers) - follow advice below.

This issue has come up quite a bit, but I never got to chime in, until now. Please forgive the verbosity: English is my 3rd language :smiley:

The answer may still be “You can’t”… but not for the reason cited above… because the use-case is different. And adding DNS records doesn’t help either.

From the details provided in the original post and even the screenshot (which I’m very familiar with!), I’m fairly certain OP runs (or wants to run) their own authoritative DNS service for their customers, and what they really need is to create glue records to point their “private nameservers” to their own DNS infrastructure.

First, what OP is NOT trying to do:

– they’re NOT trying to change the authoritative DNS provider of their own domain by pointing it to another provider. This is not possible as per Cloudflare Registrar ToS.
– they’re NOT trying to re-brand Cloudflare’s nameservers to show their own domain. This is possible but requires a Business plan (and has no tangible benefits, IMHO)
– In fact, they do NOT want to use Cloudflare DNS infrastructure at all

Common use-case:

  • OP runs a small hosting operation or may even be a reseller.
  • They run their own authoritative DNS service for their customers’ domains. This is typically a single VM running their entire hosting business, running their hosting control panel (Plesk, cPanel/WHM, etc), web server, database server, file server, etc… and, of course, DNS (Bind, NSD, PowerDNS, etc).
  • All their customers’ domains are pointed to their “private nameservers” eg and
  • These “private nameservers” are configured in their hosting control panel’s DNS app, with A-records pointed to the server’s IP address (from the authoritative DNS provider of, wherever that may be).
  • At this point, the final piece of their DNS solution is to go to their domain registrar for and “register” the two “private nameservers” and by pointing them to the IP address of their DNS server.

Most registrars label this final step “Register a nameserver”, “Add Glue Records”, “Add Child Nameservers”, etc. An example of this step is shown in the screenshot OP provided, which is from Enom (or one of their sub-brands like EnomCentral).

And it seems to me it’s this last piece that OP’s question is about. This should be a registrar feature which Cloudflare Registrar doesn’t offer.

If OP had such a setup and moved their domain to Cloudflare Registrar, ALL their customers’ sites would go down immediately – even though their DNS server runs with no issues. The glue is broken.


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