How to change the IP address in Cloudflare and how much time it will take to resolve globally



I have domain already registered with Cloudflare for example ->
I want to change the ip address to ->
Because am planing to change the Server, the server has the new IP address. am worrying how much time it will take to resolve with New IP address

because I dont have that much of downtime to do this … please advice thanks in advance.


Cloudflare itself has a relatively low retention time (I believe it was five minutes), but there is no guarantee other resolvers necessarily respect that.

I presume you are currently not proxying, are you? If you are, its not an issue at all, as the IP wont change, only the destination where Cloudflare proxies to - that happens instantaneously. If you are not, however, a temporary solution could be to switch on the proxy, wait until that change has propagated everywhere, then change in the control panel to the new IP address and turn proxying off again. In this case you will temporarily proxy everything through Cloudflare but there should not be any downtime.


Thanks for your inputs, but am clear what you are telling about the proxies in cloudflare, I guess I don’t have any proxy configuration. -> change to ->
I just go through Cloudflare Support portal, they mentioned DNS -> General -> What do I do if I changed my server IP address or hosting provider?


You can simply the change the IP address in the control panel. Your host should then relatively quickly resolve to the new IP address, however there might be some resolvers who cache the previous IP longer than what Cloudflare indicated. If that is of concern you could go with the proxy approach I mentioned in my earlier response. If it isnt of concern, simply change the IP address and you should be good to go.


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