How to change the font style of the domain name?

I have a question is that how to change the font style of the domain name actually I see a website Fonts Tera in which I like most of the fonts style so now I want to change my domain name please let as a check and tell me how I can do this

Sorry to say but your font style and your domain name do not have anything to do with each other.
Changing any font on the web is getting done by:

  1. adding the wanted @font-face to your CSS files which do point to the fonts you want to use
  2. declare a class which uses this font-family
  3. append the class to the DOM elements you actually want to be displayed in this font.

If you provide us with the domain you want to do this changes and exactly explain which font you want to use where we may be able to help you but please notice that this has nothing to do with CloudFlare and therefore this normally is the wrong place to ask for.

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