How to change the DNS A records to resolve to a different IP address?

Hi, I have a domain registered under Namecheap and host with Hostinger. I was told to change the nameservers in Namecheap pointing to Cloudflare, so I did. And now I am experiencing another issues is that my DNS is pointing to a prohibited IP. It only ask me to login to Cloudflare to change the DNS A records, but it doesn’t guide me where/how after I login. So please help.


Your DNS records here should match the ones at your web host. Check your DNS at Hostinger and edit the Cloudflare DNS records to match.

Yes, IP matches. But my DNS records looks like this

I’m not sure if the ‘www’ entry is right, but if that’s what your DNS records look like at Hostinger, then that should work.

If it is not “www” then what it should be? I have not change anything on my DNS records since I registered. But I am willing to give it a try for something else.

If your ‘www’ isn’t working, try using an “A” record instead with the IP address from your domain’s “A” record.

I tried playing with that as well tried a few other one, but nothing works

Can you post a screenshot of your Hostinger DNS records?

Hi Sdayman,

I just opened my website on my phone for the first time and looks like it is running fine. I also have a friend run my site on his computer, it’s also working fine. It just doesn’t open on my computer for some reason. I don’t know what the cause is, looks like it’s just my computer. But I really appreciated your help. So thank yo so much!

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