How to change the Common Name on SSL certificate?

I need assistance on changing/renaming the Common Name: on the SSL certificates. To not reflect Commin Name as CloudFlare Origin Certificate. I purchased an “advanced certificate” and its active. What are my next steps? Sorry a bit new on this, as much details possible would be greatly appreciated.

ACM is different from an Origin certificate. Are you talking about the certificate you are installing on your server or the proxy certificate?

Thanks for the prompt response. Yup, it will be the Origin Certificate that I’m trying to change the “Common Name as CloudFlare Origin Certificate” to.

I am afraid you cannot change the common name of an Origin certificate, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as the correct hostnames are in the SAN anyhow.

Should you really have an issue with the common name, then you could only use another certificate.

Still a bit lost here. The scenario is this, I have a vendor which the company is doing an integration via an API, when I provide them with the .pem file/certificate to validate I own the domain and do the proper server configurations on their end, they are not accepting it because of Common Name: CloudFlare Origin Certificate instead of the main domain name. I was told by them I should rename it to the company name or domain name.

That’s an issue with their validation. The common name can contain the hostname, but does not necessarily have to. With an Origin certificate the hostname is in the SANs.

They either have to fix their validation or you have to use another certificate. Check out Let’s Encrypt.

That was my initial thought too, it has to be the vendor validation process. So, to be clear, none of the certificates generated within Cloudfare the common name can be changed? It will always reflect as " Common Name: CloudFlare Origin Certificate". Meaning, what I’m looking for will require to generate a certificate from another authority outside of Cloudfare?

Correct, assuming your host’s validation does not get fixed.

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