How to change the account emil iD

one of Super administrator is left the company so wanted to change the email id with new one user one. how to change the email Id can any help share the steps.


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Thanks for your reply.
If we create new account then, the all website reflecting in new account right? and
Existing one I have account with Administrator privileges’ ,so can we make it administrator into super admin?

Hi @mis4,

If you are on the Free, Pro or Business plans, you cannot change the Administrator into a Super Administrator. You would have to login to the existing Super Admin account and change the email there.

If you are on an Enterprise plan, you could add an additional Super Administrator and remove the old one.

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Hi domjh, Thanks for info.
Actually I dont have access of super admin account, i have access of administrator account access so what will suggestion for become super admin?
1.need to create new user account ? can we create in admin account ?


Was the Super Admin account not created on a company email that you can access to reset the login?

If you cannot access it, you will have to set the domains up from scratch in your own account to get Super Admin.

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Hi Domjh,
I got the super admin access, can I make admin into super admin ?

Only on Enterprise. You would have to change the email on the existing Super Admin account on self-serve plans.

Hi Domjh,
My issue is resolved. Thanks for help.

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