How to change ssh port between me and cloudflare not cloudflare and server

In my workplace, port 22 is blocked, so I can’t ssh to my home domain.

  • I’m fine with the connection between Cloudflare and the server at my home.

But the ssh connection from my workplace to Cloudflare is broken.

How can I change it so that it goes through 443?


You won’t be able to SSH through Cloudflare to your hosts as Cloudflare only proxies HTTP/S. You can look at using Zero Trust Tunnels with Browser Rendered SSH for access

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Thanks. I just added the Browser Rendered SSH but my workplace network blocked my domain because “its newly created and may pose risk”.

So, do you think even if I managed to do ssh with port 433, I would get same block?

Probably. It seems like your workspace has some sort DNS filtering. If you wait it will probably will get unblocked in a while.

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