How to change server for warp

how to change server for warp, I cannot change the location of my server. The previous server address was in Los Angeles, but recently it changed me to Japan

You can’t change server in warp

Are you near Los Angeles or Japan? It’s supposed to use nearest location based upon your ISP’s routing.

Which locations show up when you visit without using WARP?

I was in Hawaii recently and I think the server address is random

Why can’t I change the server

It’s not random. Hawaii has only one datacenter, so it doesn’t surprise me that WARP doesn’t land you there. And you’re right in the middle between LA and Japan.

WARP isn’t for avoiding Geo blocks (or anonymous browsing). It’s for the most efficient routing for your location without your ISP snooping on you.

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My server was allocated in San Francisco before, and it was allocated to Japan a week ago. The network speed has not changed, but I can’t use tiktok.when I opened warp,I hope they can be changed to the original server

I live in Uzbekistan, and I have warp from Poland. WTF?) Before that, my server was installed in Russia

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