How to change NS in Cloudflare to NS of my hosting?

How to change NS in Cloudflare to NS of my hosting?
I bought a domain on Cloudflare and already had hosting from another company. I want to use hosting and a domain that I registered with Cloudflare.
In the usual case, I simply go to my domain registrar’s personal account and change the NS of my hosting server.
How can I do this on Cloudflare?
My servers:
Thank you.

You cannot change the nameservers for a domain at Cloudflare. Using Cloudflare’s DNS and services requires the use of Cloudflare nameservers.

Either use Cloudflare’s DNS to point to the hosting, or you will need to transfer the domain name out to another registrar.

You can delegate for subdomains (but obviously no Cloudflare features can be applied to these subdomains)…


How can I use a domain purchased on Cloudflare with my hosting?

Go here, add the A, AAAA or CNAME records for the hosting.


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