How to change nameserver to route53

I’m using cloudflare free account to manage my DNS. I would like to switch back to AWS route 53. However, I can’t find a way to change the name server back to AWS. Can someone help?

Did you transfer your domain to the Cloudflare registrar?

No, I didn’t. The domain is registered on route 53, and I changed NS to Cloudflare. However, the Cloudflare proxy has a conflict with some of our SSL, so I need to switch back to route 53 now.

That is a configuration done entirely with your registrar, which is R53. You don’t need to touch anything on your Cloudflare account, but once Cloudflare detect that you have moved the nameservers they will eventually delete the domain from your account.

If it’s just the proxy, you can set the specific DNS entries to :grey:, and not have to move your nameservers at all.

Can you explain what the conflict is?

I’m not a DNS export. this is what I got from the Glide app support team

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