How To Change NameServer to CloudFlare's NS [Domain Already Transfer to CF]

I had a client, domain with name cheap earlier, not yet point to CF’s NS.
He had transferred the domain name to CF already. (successfully in CF now, )

Currently, domain NS pointed to others. I am unable to point the NS back to CF’s NS.

The domain keep shows in my CF’s dashboard: Pending Name Server Update

How can I solve this issue?

to be exact, refer this: whois lookup -
Registrar is CF
NS is and

how to change the dns to CF’s NS in CF’s dashboard?

You mean that the domain is transferred to Cloudflare’s Registrar and the NS point elsewhere?

If that is the case (apart from actually wondering how the transfer succeeded) you need to login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support using the “Get More Help” button.

Hi @calvynlee, sorry for the issue here. We’ve seen this before where your old registrar resets the nameservers to their default on your way out the door. We can flip them back. Once you have a ticket, please share the number and I’ll ensure it’s in the proper queue.