How to change my redirect from Kajabi to

I redirected my domain from Cloudflare to Kajabi and now I’m switching to Systeme io. I can’t figure out where the records go in Cloudflare to make the switch. The tutorials don’t look anything like the Cloudflare pages and the name records from systeme don’t seem to work with what I see in Cloudflare.

Tech Newbie here. So I may not be using all the proper vocabulary. Thanks for any help.

I’m probably misunderstanding your question, but you can use Cloudflare Page Rules to redirect to an entirely different domain.

Thanks for the tip. I looked through the page and it looks like it’s just pointing it to another domain. Like forwarding it versus actually redirecting it so I can use the URL consistently through the site.

Am I missing something here?

You can set up a 301 redirect from example1(dot)com to example2(dot)com

Any links that try to go to example1(dot)com will literally be redirected to example2(dot)com

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