How to change my name servers back to original?

I’ve decided that Cloudflare is not the software for me or my business Therefore I wish to change my name servers back to my original ones (Unoeuro). I’ve done everything I can through Unoeuro, however, there is still something missing from my Cloudflare account.

Can somebody please tell me, how I can remove the Cloudflare name servers and change it back to the original?


You have to do this at your domain registrar. Right now, your registrar is telling the world to use Cloudflare for your name servers. Now you need to change it so it refers to your Unoeuro name servers.

Thank you for your reply, however, I already did this - like 6 hours ago? Shouldn’t it have come through by now?

Name Server changes can take 24 to 48 hours. You can check its progress at:

The “A” records should look like you’re host’s IP address, and the “NS” records will be your name servers.

Thank you again. The A is still set for Cloudflare’s IP, how can I change that? Do I delete my website through Cloudflare?

The A record is still Cloudflare because the name servers change hasn’t caught up. Set that search for NS to check Name Server status.

The NS is set to unoeuro. So I guess it’s just the waiting game now?


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