How to change my name in Cloudflare?

I’ve attempted to change my name in Cloudflare wherever it comes up, however I’m still seeing my deadname in places. Any idea where my name is stored and how to completely change it?

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Perhaps you’re talking about your account name? You can change it under Manage Account → Configurations → Account Name (or via this magic link: It’s a bit hidden

No. I’m talking about the name Cloudflare uses to address me in emails and on the support website.

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I see. There’s a bunch of information in this community tip here on changing all of your names:

As the article says, the support portal uses your email address. For me, when I updated it, it automagically updated in the portal, but you may need to contact them if it doesn’t or if you want a different name.

If you’re talking about the community forums we are on right now, if your account is older than 3 months, you need to manually ask for a name change, as detailed in the post above.

If you have a domain registered with Cloudflare, it has your contact information as well separately.

It looks like there is also, as detailed in the 6th suggestion of that post, a separately stored first/last name for your account. I’m not sure how widely that is used, and at least for my account that was unset, but that may also be a source of it.

It says to just mention @RemoveAccount with my new username choices “@ora”/“@oralitical”. I’m doing that in this thread because the other is closed.

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Hi @ora I have updated your Community username. Let me know if we can assist further.
Thank you.


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