How to change my domain

So I am new to cloudflare and all that, and I have a website rn. But the website address is only alot of numbers, I think ipv4 and port. How do I change that to for exapmple

You need to purchase a domain from a registrar. I recommend using to find the cheapest one for the domain you intend to purchase.

After that, you can follow this guide to set it up on Cloudflare.

I already bought a domain, and I added it into cloudflare. But there were no records there when I got it. And idk what record to add

like how I connect it with my website

You should add two DNS records, type “A” with the “name” being “@” and “www”, both pointing to that IP address you already have. The port should be either 80 or 443, if not it has to be one of

where do I type the port?

you don’t input the port on DNS, your server should just support ports 80 or 443 and the browser automatically use them.

is this how it’s gonna look like? Ignore play and _minecraft

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