How to change my dns


I’m having trouble changing my DNS, the main tutorial doesn’t help very much

Please watch my video, as i don’t know which entry to change my dns in ?

Thanks in advance

I like the video approach :+1:

The info you found might be outdated, as you find the nameservers allocated to your domain under DNS.

However, it would appear as if you had set the nameservers already correctly, so now you only have to configure the DNS records on Cloudflare.

so which part am i changing because they don’t just name an entry “dns change this ?”

Well, first question is, do you want your traffic to go straight to your server or routed/proxied via Cloudflare? Basically, do you want to use Cloudflare only as DNS provider or also for the “fancy” stuff :wink:

I changed hosting company whilst i was already sending traffic to my previous host and want cloud flair to divert traffic to my new host

For that you dont necessarily have to route it through Cloudflare. Changing DNS records will do that trick. Asked differently, what is your motivation for using Cloudflare?

aw the reason i wanted to use CF is that my site would get a boost of speed

and also the SSL cert is something else i wanted

Alright, in that case you should route it via Cloudflare. Luckily, your setup is already pretty complete. Both, your naked domain and your www record, already point to Cloudflare’s proxies, which will forward the requests to your server.

As for TLS, that seems to work too, though you have mixed content which will raise a warning in browsers. Basically you include HTTP content from HTTPS and browsers dont appreciate that. Search the forum here for “mixed content” and you should get quite a few answers.

As for the tutorial you mentioned, check out

do you know where i put my new nameserver details please ?

I am not sure what you mean by that. With Cloudflare you dont change your nameservers. If you switch hosts you change the IP addresses within Cloudflare.

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