How to change my DNS with without going down?

Hello there, my registrar is and nameservers are theirs. When i change dns to Cloudflare site will go down and I do not know how to fix that… Support from said that I need to configure something on your end, but not elaborated what. site -

Did you add the domain to Cloudflare first ?

Yeah, when DNS change comes in effect Cloudflare congratulate me every time…

#1 The SSL certificate being returned is the Cloudflare Origin certificate. Did you install the Origin Certificate on your origin server?

#2 Did you update the name-servers in the registrar to the name-servers specified by Cloudflare? If so, how long ago?

Hello, about #1 yes< you are correct. About 2nd one - I changed them back for now, because other people need access to the site. I can change them back 10+ hours later only…

People aren’t able to access your site right now because of the Cloudflare Origin certificate you installed. You should remove those certificates until you’re able to update the nameservers back to Cloudflare.

@user47412, the certificate is fine, don’t change that.

There are a couple of issues however.

  1. Why does your server return a 404?
  2. You do not seem to have configured the proper DNS records on Cloudflare. Fix that and make sure you have the right IP address added.

Once these things were addressed, it should work fine on Cloudflare.


The certificate isn’t fine, it’s his Cloudflare Origin certificate not a public facing certificate.
He isn’t able to change the nameservers for 10 more hours due to a lock by his registrar.

Of course the certificate is fine. The OP did not report certificate issues, but that his site is not loading when on Cloudflare and that is not certificate related.

Changing the certificate will only make the site load now, but it won’t fix anything. The DNS records on Cloudflare need to be adjusted and the server should serve the right content.

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Yes, OP wants his site to work right now if I’m not mistaken. He doesn’t want his website to be having an SSL issue for the next 10+ hours.

Yes, but he can’t change the nameserver for 10 hours due to a lock by his registrar.

The OP asked for what to do to get the site working on Cloudflare and changing the certificate won’t fix that, as that is not the issue.

If he can’t change the nameservers, then that’s a different issue and not related to Cloudflare. Yes, Origin certificates are not trusted by browsers, but that’s not the reason why the site does not work on Cloudflare.

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#1 - redirect. To confuse people, mostly.
To everyone, thank you, i’ll return to this question later, when changing dns records will not be an issue for my collegue(at night, probably).

Do you need the site to load right now?

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Hello again everyone, just changed DNS and somehow… dunno how, but it works. Did not do anything new, but the result changed. Anyway, thank you all for your support. But now SSL sertificate seems not to work and I’m not sure where i did wrong.

Edit - It went down not long after, ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
Edit2 - screenshot of current DNS Joxi (102 kb) закачан 4 марта 2022 г. Joxi
Edit3 - at 6.00 AM I will change it back(DNS records I mean), next time i’ll be able to change it back will be probably on saturday, but I hope I can reserve it to daytime.

It’s the same thing as before and the domain is not on Cloudflare. Did you follow my advice?

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Yes, for now it’s not on Cloudflare because I need it in working status, or if you mean I should transfer it to Cloudflare - I cannot, because my provider is not supported it seems. I will change DNS records to Cloudflare this evening and they will stay that way for at least for 24h. Or maybe I interpretered something wrong,

Edit - Oh, we have countrywide DNS problems, meh…

This article may help

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Thanks, missed this article, i’ll try tonight.

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Well, you did add the records as I suggested, so it should actually work fine on Cloudflare. Just make sure DNSSEC is also properly configured in case you are using it.

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Thank you for your help, correct transfer of DNS records was really what I needed to do… Also after automatic transfer there were left some wrong strings(old/obsolete), that maybe caused this error.