How to change my DNS from cloudflare to another DNS

I want to change my DNS from Cloudflare to another server, how I may do that?

You need to login to your domain registrar and change the name servers to the new provider or back to the registrars (they usually provide some with a domain)

Just for reference Cloudfare’s Name Servers look something like this:

Name Server:
Name Server:

Thanks a million for getting back to me,

I can not change it from the domain registrar hence the DNS assigned to cloudflare so I have to change it through cloudflare which I do not know how.

What exactly is your goal? Are you intending on not using Cloudflare or making some other type of change?

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I’ve just taken a look at the DNS for and I can see you’re still pointing to Cloudflare. To change to another provider you need to login to your registrar (GoDaddy) and update your nameservers. You can find instructions on how to do that for GoDaddy here.

Hope this helps.

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