How to change multiple a record IP's

I have a “static” ip address from my isp, but every time my router restarts they assign a new ip. This wouldn’t be an issue, but I have a few websites with a fair amount of A Records, and it is an incredible pain to change the ip’s in them one by one.

Is there some way I can change them all at once? Or is there some kind of proxy I can link my ip to? Thanks, apologies for my ignorance ^^

Create one A record for the router address, and make the others CNAMEs pointing to router.


That’s the antithesis of a static IP.

What @michael described is the best method to reduce your workload even your IP changes. With the Cloudflare API and a little shell scripting, you can entirely automate your IP update process.

See, that’s the weird thing.

Before I requested a static ip, it would change every ten minutes or so. Now it’s just when the router restarts. I’ve reached out to the isp for support, but they’ve been less than helpful. Thank you anyway.

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