How to Change Ip?

Hello folks
My Cloudflare SSL is not working. If I am activating it, It makes my website disappear and there is a message "Future Home of … "2021-04-11|690x388
I tried to get support from here and My Host “GoDaddy”
Today Godaddy admins told me to change the IP and fix the correct one. I don’t know where I change and where I put the right one. Cloudflare is not pointing to the right IP.

Cloudflare, instead of mY Correct Ip is using something other. which is in the image

May I share with you my DNS screenshot at Cloudflare? if you need?

SO my query is

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How to change IP and replace the right one
Where to Place the correct IP
Who will do this?

If you proxy the subdomain, it’s normal to see the IP starts with 104 or 172.

If you don’t want to see Cloudflare IPs, you can just unproxy it - but I don’t think this is something you would like to do.

Which SSL mode you are using? Flexible?

Hello, and thanks for your Reply.

@erictung If I am activating HTTP to HTTPS here on Godaddy my site gone dead and Me and visitors getting this when we visit our site >>

That’s why I am using HTTP only instead of HTTPS.

MY Host support panel said Make ur IP Correct. Because Cloudflare is not pointing Godaddy IP.

Before you start using Cloudflare, is your website works in HTTPS?

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Host gave me SSL one year ago. When I joined Cloudflare couple of weeks ago It was showing HTTPS also. Then after I uninstalled my expired ssl certificate on Host cPanel. bcoz it was provided by them. After that this mess started. I deleted my site from cloudflare several times in order to get rid of this mess but it was not working mechanism. Then again I applied here. IF I use HTTPS it make my Website dead and Home of Future.

May I use flexible? and May I make orange cloud into grey if it is solution? means I not bypass Ip? then HTTPS work for my site?

Don’t do that no matter what.

I guess that’s explained the problem. You still need to have a valid SSL certificate in your host.

Try to get a Cloudflare Origin Certificate for free and install it in your host:

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How to get free SSL on Cloudflare?

It’s in the previous reply.

Which reply! I do not know what I have to do.

Just click on that link.


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