How to change IP from DNS records?


Hello CloudFlare community, this is my first post here. I’m seeking help on how to re-configure cloudflare for my site without loosing any of my settings and rules.
The reason for all of that is a recent change in my host’s server IP wich led to a continuous downtime for my website, so I contacted them and they told me I need to update my CloudFlare records and by changing the old IP to the new one. to be honest I’m a noob when it comes to stuff like that, so I improvised and went to Dashboard>DNS>deleted the existing DNS rocord that contains the old non-working IP and I inputted a new DNS record with the updated IP… they told me to wait 24h and I did but I got a feeling that I didn’t really change the exact thing that they told me to change, because the site still down. I re-contacted them again and they told me there is an issue in the server, that is another topic.
So what led me to doubt my actions is : I noticed that there are two nameservers that supposed to host my domain and I only took the IP of one name server because in the DNS records I have the possibility to input only one…
So I got a few questions for you pros out there:

1)How to correctly update the IP?
2) Did I misconfigure my DNS records ?
3) Should I believe that there is an issue going on in thies servers knowing that I did some reverse IP searches and I found out according to the resaults of my searches that most of the domains hosted by the same name servers are working just fine?
4) Would it be better to delete my website from Cloudflare and start from scratch?

Thanks alot, I’ll apreciate any kind of help.


You did it correctly…mostly. You didn’t need to delete and re-add. You can just click on the IP address and change the text in that box with the new address. But your way works also.

From outside, nobody is going to notice anything. Your name servers will stay the same, and the Cloudflare front-end IP addresses for your site will stay the same as well. Only the back-end connection from Cloudflare to your new host changes…again, the public won’t see that change.

If you want to isolate the problem, you can change the :orange: for your website’s DNS records to :grey: and see if it’s still down. Just remember to set them back to :orange: when you’re done.


Thanks for the reply, I changed the status back and forth but still no resaults… Mostly the source of the problem is indeed in my hosting company’s servers, Anyways I’m glad I managed somehow to change the IP but what about the second IP that I didn’t pick? is one IP enough for Cloudflare to host my site?
For example: > 123.456.78.90 < (The one I typed) > 098.765.43.21


You don’t need name server records in DNS. Cloudflare takes care of that for you.


I see, well thanks alot for your time and your informative responses. you helped me out understanding nature of this problem, I really appreciate your help.

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