How to change to GREG.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM?


We use Pro plan and we have a problem with DNS hugh.ns.cloudflare. com. In Kazakhstan (It’s a country) the CloudFlare is blocked (maybe only IP-address I cheeked web sites who use DNS GREG.NS.CLOUDFLARE. COM and this web sites are not blocked.

The question is: How to change our DNS to GREG.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM? Is it possible?


No, you have to use the nameservers issued by Cloudflare.

What you could do is remove your domain from your Cloudflare account, create a new account, and add the domain there. That should give you a different nameserver pair which might not be blocked.

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Thanks for your answer!
Maybe there is any solution to this problem? Or just use status DNS ONLY for my domain without CloudFlare services.


If you have an issue with the assigned nameservers, switching to DNS-only wont fix it.

What exactly is the issue?

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