How to change from port 7844

I have a linux server that’s behind a corp network that blocks port 7844.

So, this means I get:

ERR Serve tunnel error error=“DialContext error: dial tcp i/o timeout” connIndex=0 ip=

DialContext error: dial tcp i/o timeout

When trying to connect using docker.

Is there a way to change this port?


Cant seem to edit, but I should add that I am trying to expose an app running on the server through a namecheap domain name.

You could try with PortZilla from Cloudflare Apps:

Otherwise, I’d suggest you to use change the port to some of the supported and compatible ports on your origin host with Cloudflare proxy :orange: mode as follows on the link from below:

However, you could also give it a try with Cloudflare Spectrum, if so:

Nevertheless, you can set that hostname to unproxied :grey: (DNS-only) to make it work.

I believe this error is due to the Cloudflared not being able to connect to Cloudflare edge. Do you have any firewall rules blocking it?

Ports and IPs are documented here:

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Yes our corp network blocks port 7844, so I’m trying to see if I can use tunnel on a different port

Am I misunderstanding or does this just mean I need to abandon the tunnel idea and set it up one of these ways? Also thank you for the links!

Also these seem to require installations - I only have access to the domain name, no hosting service! So I was using Cloudflare Tunnel to connect, which uses port 7844 and there seems to be no way to change it.

Yes if port 7844 is blocked outbound then you can’t use cloudflared.

You need to ask your corporate firewall administrator to open the port for the server in question. If they are unwilling to do that, whatever you are trying to expose probably shouldn’t be exposed.