How to change firewall mode at a particular time of the day

Hi guys,

We are looking for a way by which we can automatically change the “Security Level” setting of the Firewall at a particular time of the day.

For eg;
By default the Firewall Security Level setting is set to “Essentially Off”.
We want to change this setting to “I’m Under Attack!” mode from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM everyday.
After the specified period, the setting can be reset to its default value of “Essentially Off”

You might be wondering the need for doing so. We’ve identified certain targeted attacks on our server that are trigerred at only the specified time period and while we’re implemented measures to counter the attacks, we want to have this as a stop gap solution.

Currently we’re performing this settings change manually. We would like to get it done automatically.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

You can use the API for that.


Hi Sandro,

Thanks for pointing in the right direction.
Is there any help with regards to implementing the time period parameter?

Any detailed step-by-step guide would be really helpful.

I am afraid development questions are beyond the scope of the forum here and better asked at StackExchange or Reddit. But the example in the documentation should really cover everything.


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