How to change Edge managed certificate

I have a “free” account. At the time I registered, I had an LE wildcard cert for my private domain.

Shortly afterwards, Cloudflare auto-magically took over managing (renewing) my wildcard cert (I’m good with that).

I am considering dropping the wildcard feature, and moving to individual LE certs for my domain and subdomains, which I tentatively plan to generate via nginx proxy manager.

When I choose this path, how do terminate the auto-renewal of my present LE wildcard cert by Cloudflare?

The online docs say to select the Edge certificate and “delete”, however I can not see a delete option.

Thanks for your help.

Removing Universal SSL wouldn’t mean that your server’s certificates are used unless you disabled Cloudflare entirely and set your records to be DNS Only.

The only way that would work is if you had a Business or Enterprise plan which allows you to upload custom certificates (upload the .pem with private key). Unless you’re on Enterprise, you can only have a single custom certificate.

The certificate on your origin is exclusively used for Cloudflare to talk to you over HTTPS - the certificate presented to visiting users is the edge certificate (which Universal SSL and Custom Certificates would be).

You can’t really delete a certificate though, only revoke it - if you don’t want Universal SSL then you can disable it at the bottom of the edge certificates page but that’ll break SSL for proxied records if you don’t have a custom certificate setup.

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Thank you. How can I then remove the wildcard from the cert, so that only the domain is present.

I guess you could purchase Advanced Certificate Manager and generate a certificate for just the hostname - but that’s $10/month.

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