How to change domain to new IP

We have created a new website on Weebly and would like to use our current domain to host this new site.

This documentation explains how


Thankyou. when entering ‘Name’ is that the domain name? Under this section it states ‘Enter @ for root’. What is this referring to?

Root means as opposed to (in which case you would enter www.)

Thanks but what Name to enter? Will not allow current website domain name to be used (indicates already being used by CNAME).

If there is a CNAME for the record already, you will need to remove it first.

If in doubt please:

  • share a screenshot of the records that currently exist.
  • provide the records you are needing to add
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Attached is a screen shot. Need to change A Record.
I need you to point my domain to the following IP:

  1. The root of my domain:*
  2. www:*

You need to replace these two records with A records.

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Thank you for all your assistance. Problem solved :smiley:


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