How to change domain Nameserver on Cloudflare

SO I just transfered a domain to Cloudflare. I had it set to Cloudflare Name servers to use the dns.

What if I want to use an outside DNS for my domain, where do I edit the nameservers to point elsewhere?

Its not under DNS thats only the records hosted on Cloudflare. What if I wnat my domain to point to say instead?


You can only use CF’s name severs if your domain is registered with CF.


well thats stupid. Guess I wont be moving any more domains to them. Lame and sad.

Well I think the logic is CF is not trying to be a Godaddy or Namecheap, but offer domain registration at registry cost prices for those who intend to use their DNS and other services.

well you can use the CF dns for free without having the domain registered with them to begin with. I like their interface so thought id try moving all domains as well. But if im going to be locked into not being able to edit the things that every other register allows Then thats a big no go for me.

I can just keep my domains where they are and still use Cloudflare for free and they get $0 . Where I was willing to transfer quite the number of domains over to give them income but oh well. They get 1 domain from me for 1 year then it too will move.

Not very good buisness sence.