How to change DNS to Cloudflare when registrar is GoDaddy & Host is SiteGround?

I’m hosted at a “partner-hosted zone” (Siteground).
My domain is registered with GoDaddy.

My nameservers at Godaddy are currently pointing to the Siteground.
Cloudflare says to change my DNS to Cloudflare servers at my Domain Registrar (GoDaddy).
But I can’t find the Cloudflare DNS to change them too, they don’t show in the Cloudflare portal.

Siteground shows my DNS as pointing to the Cloudflare servers.
In the Cloudflare portal (overview section) it reads, Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site.
Cloudflare portal (DNS section) shows my domain as a Partner hosted zone and says, Your DNS zone file is hosted by a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.
I thought I had to change my DNS with my Domain Registrar (GoDaddy)?

Do I need to change my DNS record at GoDaddy to the Cloudflare DNS?
If so please let me know where to find the Cloudflare DNS to change it to.
Please let me know if the proper way to set up my DNS to point to Cloudflare when hosted with a Cloudflare parter, Siteground, is to change my nameservers at my domain registrar, GoDaddy, to the Siteground nameservers and then just set up Cloudflare within Siteground to then point to the Cloudflare servers?

Thank you for your time and any answers you can provide.

With a partner setup your host manages everything. What’s your domain?

If you want to manage it yourself you’ll first have to deactivate the partner setup and sign up for a full account instead.

My domain is but when looking up in whois it show the domain registrar as GoDaddy even though I’m pointed to Siteground and Siteground is pointed to Cloudflare.

So changing my nameservers at GoDaddy to Siteground nameservers and then setting up Cloudflare with Siteground (the partner host) is the correct way to do it?

That’s the “easy” way to do, but has its limitations. I don’t recommend it unless there’s some advanced feature they offer for free, like Railgun.

Otherwise, it’s best to manually add your domain to your Cloudflare account, then change the nameservers at your registrar (GoDaddy) to the two name servers Cloudflare has assigned to you.

SiteGround does offer Railgun. I will test both ways and see which works best. Thank you.

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Yes, your site is on a partner setup. In this case your host is your primary contact and you have to use their nameservers.

Thank you for the help. It was a bit confusing. I was presuming I did it correctly but needed some confirmation. Again, Thanks.

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