How to change DNS records

I’m following the instructions given by Cloudflare’s help pages (not allowed to post link). It says to simply click ‘edit’ and change the record. But where on earth is ‘edit’? Am I missing something, is it possible to change the DNS name on a domain held on Cloudflare? If not, how do you host your site anywhere other than Cloudflare?

Here is the DNS page. It even says there that they can be edited, but where on earth is the edit button?

You don’t have any records yet, so there’s nothing to edit.

Click the blue “Add record” button to create a new record.


Ah great, thank you.

Aren’t my records Nick and Zelda? They’re the names I want to change.

You cannot change those if you bought the domain on Cloudflare, you need to add records instead.


Thank you

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