How to change DNS records to Bluehost email

I recently changed my email provider and would like to change back to my Bluehost / Wordpress email and I’m not sure how or what I need to update in my DNS records to point my emails back to that account.

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You need to set the records records according to your email provider’s instructions. This guide may help you find those values.

I’m still struggling to work it out, I’m not sure if this helps

Your domain is currently using Bluehost’s nameservers and, and not Cloudflare’s nameserver.

So it’s not using Cloudflare at all – and your Cloudflare DNS records have absolutely no effect on your domain, and nothing to do with the issues you’re having with your email.

If you reverted your nameservers to Bluehost in order to get the email working but would like to re-activate Cloudflare, remove the two MX records, and add the single MX record This should ensure incoming emails arrive in your Bluehost cPanel email, and not


Like this? Thank you so much for your help

Yes, for the MX record.

But don’t forget you’ll need to change the nameservers back to your Cloudflare-assigned nameservers if you want to return to using Cloudflare.


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