How to change DNS Ip v4 address en masse?

I don’t think I have a full english, but. i have a dns record of about 200 or so IPv4 I am waiting for your ideas on how I can change them collectively

I am not sure if I understood correctly, but may I ask have got 200 DNS hostnames (DNS records) and want to import/add, delete or edit them under the DNS tab of the Cloudflare Dashboard?

  • like change the IP to the new one for one or more of them as a “batch” (all), or switch from :orange: to :grey:, etc.

In case if you want to import DNS records, you could do this by using a .txt file (BIND preformatted).

Useful articles:

There is also a way to use Cloudflare API, if familiar:

Tutorials in case if needed:

I have 200 Type A DNS Records, and how can I collectively edit the ip addresses entered in these 200 type a dns records with one click

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